The Purpose–What’s this blog about?

As I sit topless in the comforts of my internet-less garage apartment, I realize something: I have yet to write & post my first entry! How utterly tacky of me. So here I sit, comfortable, thinking of ways to convey my love of music to you via my blog—the contents—and the music I compose, sing, arrange, and produce. You name it, I do it, all via Garageband, by the way…for now. (We independent artists must always upgrade the equipment & programs when we can).

I’ve been singing, according to my parents, since the age of 2, began composing songs at the piano by 8, took up the flute by the age of 9—and played it all the way to the age of 20—and began taking harp lessons my first few years of college. Music is in me and has always been a part of my life. After leaving college, I tried out for American Idol, didn’t make it past the first round, and gave up on music entirely. It was through my experience with American Idol that I began to see how twisted the music industry—then called “The Entertainment Industry”, and for good reason since it’s less about music and more about entertainment—had become. No longer was talent, writing one’s own music and/or playing a few instruments necessary. As long as one had “the look,” dressed up in silly outfits, was willing to make a complete fool of oneself as well as sell one’s soul…”Hello Record deal; hello success!” To make things worse, American Idol, in my opinion, gave America & the world the wrong impression—that any and everyone was worthy of a record deal—by allowing runner-ups the chance to make their own album. I tried out for American Idol in 2005. I’ve seen a massive decline in the quality of music since then.

This is not to demonize American Idol as a whole. Without American Idol, we wouldn’t have known Ruben Studdard, Fantasia, or Jennifer Hudson. Shows like American Idol helped true musicians & artists realize how easy making an album really is. Daniel Bedingfield made many of his songs from his bedroom, on his own equipment. My logic is, if he can do it—as many others like him have done and are doing now—why can’t I?

I’ve arrived at this place now, after many experiences—good & bad—more in love with music than I’ve ever been, and more determined to leave my stamp on this world, whether that means nation and worldwide recognition, or being known for a helluva blog and effort. I do not want to leave this planet without having given my all. I don’t want to go to the grave burying not only myself, but all the dreams I never tried to accomplish because of fear. No, that won’t be me.

So I start with this blog entry, and hope to write many others having to do with: popular trends in the music & entertainment industry; music business (protecting music, lyrics, & written works, music publishing, record deal contracts, etc,.); character & integrity in the music business (or the lack of); music & book recommendations; networking tips; etc,. Most importantly, I hope to inspire independents like myself to never give up on the process, even if it seems it’s all going nowhere fast! There is hope, and there is a new musical movement going on. Know it, love it, be a part of it! This is my journey.


About CalliopeMusic

Singer, songwriter, blogger, rebel, producer in the making.
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4 Responses to The Purpose–What’s this blog about?

  1. zaji says:

    Hey there lady. Great post. So true about the industry. My daughter sings (got it from me in my youthful years). LOL. She is great. I have some of her songs on my site.

    You are right, the quality of music has declined. But then, isn’t it really the standards of the industry that have declined? Who is picking these people to put in the limelight? It’s a shame. Keep doing what you do.

  2. Brandy Kripke says:

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  3. Kate Karver says:

    It was certainly interesting for me to read that blog. Thanx for it. I like such topics and everything connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more on this blog soon.

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